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Wine with Food: The Perfect Pairing

When it comes to the decision of which wine with which food, there’s considerably more involved than the old standard of “white with fish and red with beef.” First, let’s begin with approach…some prefer to decide on the food and then match the food with the wine. While others, who are excited about the virtues […]

Cream & Butter… There are no substitutes.

When you want that real homemade flavor, from-scratch taste in cakes, pies, truffles and cookies, taste is essential and substitutes are out of the question. That’s why we use real butter and real cream. At first, let’s go through a little primer on cream and butter. Double, Crème fraîche, table, half-and-half, sour cream, and clotted […]

2/14-2/16: Valentine’s Weekend at Alpine

Please join us this weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’re serving some specially created chef’s specials, along with our usual menu. Enjoy beautiful Long Stemmed, Tuxedo Strawberries while listening to live music… that’s sure to include some love songs. Chef’s Specials: Crispy Seafood Platter Lobster, calamari, shrimp, bay scallops Cauliflour Potato Soup Grilled Corn and […]

2/2: Super Bowl XLVIII You Watch. We’ll Cook.

Order One of our Specially Prepared Catering Trays – Or – 5 Delicious Pizzas, and we’ll throw in a free New York Black Out Cake. Tray Choices: Lasagna $100 Baked Ziti $85 Pasta Quattro Formaggi with Crispy Bacon $85 Pizza Choices: Choose Any Large Pizzas on our Menu Trays serve 20 -Catering Trays Order must […]

The Beauty of Pasta

Besides the fun that comes with pronouncing all its names, and its ability to transform into a multitude of shapes…over 350 to date,  pasta is the perfect foundation for a nutritious, enjoyable and thoroughly satiating meal. When mixed with heart healthy proteins like fish, fiber rich vegetables, or antioxidant laden tomato sauce, pasta acts as […]

Real Bread: Artisan Bread…Made by Artisans

Dense and Light.  Soft and Firm.  Sweet and Sour. Textured and Smooth.  Sounds like a series of contradictions doesn’t it? Freshly baked bread in and of itself is a bit of contradiction. While possessing characteristics that are complex; the ingredients are often simple. Artisan Bread is thought of as a high quality, hand-crafted bread containing […]