Real Bread: Artisan Bread…Made by Artisans

Dense and Light.  Soft and Firm.  Sweet and Sour. Textured and Smooth.  Sounds like a series of contradictions doesn’t it?

Freshly baked bread in and of itself is a bit of contradiction. While possessing characteristics that are complex; the ingredients are often simple.

Artisan Bread is thought of as a high quality, hand-crafted bread containing no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It’s also the term used to describe the baker that makes it. An artist – or Artisan is a word that is used to describe a craftsperson. An artisan is a skilled worker.

There are some differences of opinion on the word artisan and should it describe bread, or the person who bakes the bread. Adjective?  Or noun?

While the parts of speech debate continues, almost everyone agrees that “artisan bread” is a distinction that means the bread is baked with thought and care, carefully selected ingredients, and choice techniques.

Everyone also seems to agree that bread, baked bakes in such a way is far superior and preferable to the stuff we buy on the grocery store shelves.