The Beauty of Pasta

Besides the fun that comes with pronouncing all its names, and its ability to transform into a multitude of shapes…over 350 to date,  pasta is the perfect foundation for a nutritious, enjoyable and thoroughly satiating meal.

When mixed with heart healthy proteins like fish, fiber rich vegetables, or antioxidant laden tomato sauce, pasta acts as a “delivery system” and really packs a punch. Providing slow burning fuel for your body and nutrition for your muscles and brain, it’s a fabulous combination.

Now that you know what goes on nutritionally, we urge you not to be afraid, but to be bold and experiment.  We do, every night. Some creative combination that tastes amazing. And with over 350 types of pasta, we aren’t about to stop any time soon.

Currently…. Linguini with Clams, Baked Ziti, Crab Carbonara, Baked four Cheese ravioli, Orecchiette Pasta with Rapini and Italian Sausage.