Wine with Food: The Perfect Pairing

When it comes to the decision of which wine with which food, there’s considerably more involved than the old standard of “white with fish and red with beef.”

First, let’s begin with approach…some prefer to decide on the food and then match the food with the wine. While others, who are excited about the virtues of a wine, choose to match the wine with food.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t need to be intimidating or overly complicated. With our extensive wine list representing regions all over the world, the pairings are virtually endless. So go ahead, we urge you to experiment. You won’t be disappointed.

Some suggestions to get you started on pairing food and wine.

Think about the dish. What are its dominant characteristics?

Is it mild or flavorful? Fatty or lean? Rich or acidic?

Keep flavors in balance.

Match mild foods with mild wines. Match big, flavorful foods with big, flavorful wines.

Cleanse the palate with tannins or acids.

If you’re eating a relatively rich, ‘fatty’ dish and thinking about drinking a red wine you probably want a wine with some good tannins in it to help cleanse the palate.

If you’re eating a very rich, ‘fatty’ dish and thinking about drinking a white wine you probably want to contrast the meal with a refreshingly crisp acidic wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc.

Match Acids with Acids

If you’re eating a dish with a strong acidic content (such as Shrimp with Lemon or Pasta with Tomato Sauce) pair it with an acidic wine that can keep up with the acids in the food.

Acidic Wines and Cream Don’t Mix

Rich cream sauces will usually clash with an acidic wine like a Sauvignon Blanc. Lemon juice and milk together, not so much.

When In Doubt..

Remember that foods generally go best with the wines they grew up with.

So if you’re eating Italian food, think about having an Italian wine.

This isn’t a requirement, but often helps simplify the decision.

Finally, and most importantly, drink what you like.

What you like to drink always takes precedence over any recommendation.