Planning a Wedding? Let Them Eat Cake… Or Cookies, Truffles, Cupcakes, or Cheesecake.

Most couples still prefer the traditional wedding cake as their dessert of choice. The wedding cake, and the ritualistic feeding of the first bite (with bride feeding groom, and groom reciprocating) has been a fixture at receptions for decades.

The Cakes themselves have evolved… becoming increasingly taller, grander, and MORE remarkable works of creativity. While cake flavors, and fillings become more inventive and imaginative… textures, floral, and lace are but a few of the design and decorating choices that help make Wedding Cakes true “Show Stoppers.”

More and more these days, however, the traditional wedding cake is not alone in stealing the show at receptions. Some couples are breaking away from that which is traditional, and serving things that better reflect their personalities… and that are proving to be unique and memorable for their guests. You’re safe with anything you choose. After all, it is your wedding. The most important advice is to insist on an experienced bakery that uses real ingredients like real butter, cream and whipped cream… with such a foundation, it’s hard to go wrong.

Here is what is trending now…the latest unique desserts that are showing up at wedding receptions.


Truffles are a rich, shaped by hand chocolate coated with sinfully decadent toppings. A perfect bite that frees up wedding guests to move around, and socialize with other guests without being tied to a table.


The Cookie Table has a long and vibrant past. In some areas of the country, like the city of Pittsburg, The Cookie Table takes center stage at most every reception. The varieties are endless and the display can be visually stunning.


Their size makes them easy to handle, and the flavor combinations are seemingly endless. Again… color choices are endless making color matching to dresses or flowers a cinch.


Available in multiple varieties to please any taste. Or, you can also serve an assortment… a variety for wedding guests to choose from. There’s also the option of serving plain cheesecake then adding sauces. Think praline, chocolate, and raspberry.

In short, what really matters is what matters to you. Anything is acceptable to serve at your reception these days… even root beer floats and ice cream buffet bars. So, remember you’ll never go wrong with tradition, but it is your wedding.