Mortarboard and graduation scroll

Graduation is a Milestone to Celebrate

Alpine Graduation CakeTwelve long years of school is an achievement. Graduating from high school is a rite of passage almost always followed by the inevitable, leaving home and off to college. It’s also a cause for celebration.

Today, graduation parties truly run the gamut. So depending on your preference, you may want to send them off with a small and intimate gathering or a big blow out to celebrate.

Here are seven tips to help you make plan and make choices about what kind of celebration you want to have.

  1. Plan Ahead. Plan well in advance. Ask your student, what they envision. They may want absolutely no input whatsoever, but other students want to be involved with all of the details.
  2. Book the Space. If you are hosting at home, not a problem. But if you are booking a venue, these book well in advance.
  3. Set the date. Often, your student’s friends will be hosting their own parties as well. Collaborate with other parents if that is a concern, and consider throwing a “combined affair” with your student’s best friend.
  4. Determine a Budget. Sit down dinner? Or finger foods?
  5. Make a Guest List. This can be done in conjunction with budget planning
  6. Order Food and Cake. Once you determine the number of guests, plan your menu, and either order your food and cake or get cooking and baking! Remember restaurants need a little time to prepare your order and it is a busy time a year for catering, so make sure you place your order well in advance.
  7. Make is Memorable.  Present a series of photographs, or memorabilia. One mom created a memory quilt with pieces of particular items of clothing that were significant in her child’s life..e.g. fabric from the first grade backpack etc…
  8. Choose a Fun Theme. Of course the theme is graduation, but consider how to further personalize with school colors or a play on the graduate’s college major. Choosing a theme will help you purchase supplies and decide on a menu.

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