Coconut flakes with whole coconut in wooden bowl. Macro with shallow dof.

Summer Coconut Cravings

Coconut Cream CakeCoconut Cake, Coconut Tart, Coconut Pie, Coconut Truffle, Coconut Wedge, Coconut Macaroon, and Coconut Cupcake…need we say more about the many ways we showcase nutty, flaky sweet coconut at Alpine Bakery? Why, yes. Yes we do.

Flaky, white, rich, sweet coconut can certainly be enjoyed year round, but there’s something about coconut and summer that fits like a glove. Coconut conjures up images of sunny, tropical paradises, and many (like me) find themselves craving the light, sweet, nutty taste come summertime.

At Alpine Bakery, we use a lot of coconut, but we don’t have an arsenal of hammers, machetes and screwdrivers in the kitchen to get them open. In fact, we don’t crack them open at all… we get our coconut just like the dedicated bakers in Hawaii do– we purchase it. We use dried (also called desiccated) coconut. Desiccated Coconut is the most familiar form of packaged coconut… more practical and far more useful than what can be painstakingly extracted from the inside of an actual coconut.

Dried coconut has usually been sweetened with added sugar and is different in flavor from the unsweetened. Along with the difference in flavor, sweetened coconut also has a higher moisture content so it can’t always be substituted when a recipe calls for unsweetened. Coconut milk, currently a very popular product, can be used to flavor custards and icings. Finally, in some desserts, coconut extracts are used to flavor pastry cream.

At Alpine Bakery and Trattoria, we showcase coconut in a variety of yummy desserts. Come in today and taste the coconut. You may or may not be instantly transported to a tropical paradise, but you’ll definitely taste the love!

Fun Nutty Facts About Coconut

  • Coconut Cream PieDried coconut, coconut milk, even coconut extract—all provide authentic flavor without the uses of hammers and screwdrivers to actually crack one open!
  • Coconut milk is not the liquid found within the coconut. Coconut Milk has become hugely popular, and it’s made from combining coconut meat with hot water (or dairy milk or cream) and straining and squeezing out as much liquid as possible.
  • Toast shredded coconut to round out its flavor. Toasting coconut is easy, but you have to watch it carefully, and stir it once half way through. Spread it evenly on a baking sheet and put it in a 350°F oven.
  • Syrups and Extracts add flavor too. Coconut syrup, often used by bartenders and available in liquor stores, is excellent in place of simple syrup to moisten sponge cake layers.
  • Extracts work well in French buttercreams or when used in place of vanilla extract in white or yellow cake layers.