close up of fresh chocolate mousse

Our Classic Chocolate Mousse Is Sublime.

alpine bakery's espresso cakeNot all Mousse is created equal. Quick or common versions are typically created by folding fresh whipped cream into melted chocolate. These versions have their place in our bakery and in a wide variety of desserts everywhere. Enjoy a dessert with this mousse preparation and you you’ll agree, it’s delicious. But we enjoy creating our authentic Classic Mousse as a unique and complex element in some of our cakes and desserts. Our brand new Espresso Cake is a perfect example. The Classic Mousse serves as both as taste and texture component that elevates the cake to a whole another level.


Alpine Bakery's Million Dollar CakeOur Million Dollar Cake which Southern Living Magazine called the “king of the behemoths” also greatly benefits by incorporating our Classic Mousse. It makes this famous cake taste like, well…a million dollars!  Our authentically prepared Classic Mousse is at once silky, rich and foamy. It’s really something worth creating, enjoying and waxing poetic about. Hence this blog.

Since there are so few ingredients involved in our Classic Mousse, the choice of chocolate is critical. We use a premium quality semi sweet or bittersweet chocolate. It contains around 60% cacao. Also the chocolate must have a shiny finish and a make a sharp “snap” sounds when breaking off a piece indicating freshness. First we melt the chocolate with a little coffee and butter. Once it’s cooled to room temperature, the egg yolks are whisked in. Next, egg whites are whipped with a little sugar until stiff peaks form. Then heavy cream is whipped with a little vanilla and sugar until soft peaks form. The whipped whites and whipped cream are then carefully folded into the chocolate producing a light and fluffy, yet extremely rich confection. The chocolate flavor is intense and the texture is silky, airy, with an almost foamy feel. After all, “Mousse” is French for ‘froth’ or ‘foam’.

At Alpine, making our Classic Mousse requires finesse and is neither quick nor easy, but you are worth it.  Come in for our band new Espresso Cake or our famous Million Dollar Cake. And if haven’t already, you’re sure to Taste the Love.