We’ve Changed Our Chicken…and You’re Going to Love It.

Classic staples on the menu of many Italian restaurants, Chicken Piccati, Marsala, and Scallopini almost always start with thinly sliced chicken. Both the preparation of the meat and flavor profiles are distinctive and traditional, leaving little room for interpretation.

However, unfortunately, thinly sliced meat that is overly tenderized (READ beaten half to death) in an effort to make sure it comes out tender often has the opposite effect and can reduce the meat to a thin, flavorless and less desirable product. So here at Alpine, we are making a bit of a departure and altering the way we prep the protein in these beloved Italian Favorites.

We’re going with a thicker cut of chicken breast and leaving the skin on. The result is a delicious, highly favorable portion of meat. Don’t worry we are still completing the dishes with the classic sauces – Marsala, Scallopini and Piccata ensuring the flavor profiles remain strongly intact.

Here are the three Old World Classics thoroughly described with our slight departure in preparation.

chicken piccata at Alpine Bakery & TrattoriaChicken Piccata. A classic Piccata Sauce is white wine, lemon butter and capers. We would never deviate from this. However, we are now leaving the skin on the breast and dredging in seasoned flour before cooking it to tender perfection. On the plate is a twist on Risotto – a Risotto Cake.

chicken marsala at Alpine Bakery & TrattoriaChicken Marsala. Here the chicken cutlets are also dredged in flour and browned. Roasted garlic and Crimini Mushrooms are sautéed and the pan is deglazed with Marsala wine. Marsala Wine (the namesake of this classic) is a somewhat sweet, fortified wine from Sicily. It has a slight oxidized flavor much like Sherry, Madeira and Balsamic Vinegar. It is often used to make quick sauces in Italy much as the French use Madeira for the same purpose.

chicken scallopini at Alpine Bakery & TrattoriaChicken Scallopini. We begin with the same preparation for the chicken and really pack in the flavors and texture with by combining mushrooms, prosciutto, capers, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato and lemon butter. We then serve it on a perfectly cooked bed of Capellini Pasta.

Please join us for any or all of our chicken and veal classics thoughtfully prepared and delivered to your table with love. Then and only then, should you declare your favorite. Taste the new Chicken Piccata, Chicken Marsala and Chicken Scallopini. Taste the Love.