Thanksgiving: What to bring when you are the guest.

DOM-Pumpkin Cheesecake-blogAre you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Or, do you get to play the lucky “guest” role? If it the latter, give some extra thought as to the hostess gift. Flowers or a bottle of wine are fine, but expected. With a little pre-planning and some instructions from us, you can show up with something exciting and memorable from our bakery!

Below are some other things to consider before making your final choices.



ALWAYS ask your hostess if there is something specific you can bring. Sometimes the hostess will literally assign a specific dish, wine or dessert. This is common in extended families where the hostess may only provide the turkey and the location and assign everyone something specific.

How much to spend?

DOM-White Chocolate Mousse Cake blogAre you coming for the day or the long weekend? Is the hostess a family member or friend? Both of these questions should factor in to your consideration. A weekend stay should warrant a more substantial gift, although preparing and hosting a Thanksgiving meal is no small undertaking on your hostess’ part either!

Will You Be Traveling?

Catching a plane? Driving a full day? Obviously, this information is important. Surprisingly however, there are simple methods that we have perfected that will allow you to transport our most delicate bakery creations.

Forego the Flowers. Take the Cake.

One of our dramatic desserts will show your gratitude and deliver plenty of WOW factor. We can share our tried and true methods to help you get even our biggest cakes to your Thanksgiving celebration looking every bit as impressive as they do in our pastry case.

Gift Card and a Sampling.

gift-cardAn ALPINE Gift Card with a Sampling is an equally impressive gift. A box of cookies or truffles with a gift card attached makes a beautiful presentation and says, “Something now to share with your guests, and something just for you, for later!”

We Can Help.

We would love to help you put together the perfect hostess gift and tell you EXACTLY how you can travel with your cake, pie or cookies and have them arrive unscathed and ready to impress. Stop by our Bakery Counter to learn exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. Follow our instructions and show up with one of our creations, and we’re confident you’ll be invited back again and again!

Whatever your plans are this Thanksgiving, from our Alpine Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.