We are a dynamic pizzeria and legendary bakery where everything is created with high quality ingredients, an abundance of imagination and lots of love.

Creative Team and Owners William Clementi and Stephen Bishop began their journey with the wholesale bakery 20 years ago. Today, along with managing partner and third owner Anthony DeTommaso, the three preside over the award winning bakery provides cakes, pastries and breads to over 80 restaurants in Georgia and beyond.

Our commitment of using fresh, real ingredients like cream and butter along with a relentless imagination has resulted in a wide selection of artisan breads, and over 100 pastry delicacies.

The choices range from the traditional standards to the modern and whimsical. The variety seems endless with over 20 types of cookies and truffles, 35 types of cakes and a seemingly endless array of other pastries.

In 2005, we opened a storefront to serve our bakery offerings, as well as our pizzas, calzones and breads to the general public. It went very well. Five years later, Alpine Bakery opened with a full lunch and dinner menu as well as a robust wine list featuring wines from regions all around the world.

Today, we’ve remodeled to update our look and concept to accommodate a more casual dining experience. No matter what we bake, cook or serve to our customers, we are completely dedicated to our purpose- to produce everything with the highest quality imaginable, and provide our customers with an experience that is exceptional.