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You probably have seen our cupcakes at our stores. You know they are not your tiny cupcakes but JUMBO ones. You may have want to try all of them, treat your kids or friends. And NOW is your chance to pick 6 different ones of just your favorite flavors for free! Cupcakes anyone? We make […]


#myalpine_bakerycake We are on to our second Social Media Giveaway and this time you could participate via Facebook @alpinebakery or Instagram @alpine_bakery. This is all you have to do win an Alpine cake of your choice.  Follow and like us @alpine_bakery. Tell us which are your most important holidays to celebrate throughout the year. Even […]

INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY #myalpine_bakerycake

We are happy to announce our first Instagram Giveaway!  #myalpine_bakerycake This is all you have to do for a chance to win one of our scrumptious cakes! Follow us on Instagram @alpine_bakery and like this post. Comment and tell us which is your favorite Alpine cake and tag @myalpine_bakerycake. Tell us in which area of […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Biggest Bashes Around the World.

It’s that time again! The ubiquitous New Year’s Eve…an occasion steeped in traditions and symbolism. While some of us prefer a quite evening of reflection, and others prefer a massive crowd, December 31st is the day for most of the world to ring in the New Year. However, historically, New Year’s Eve was not on December 31st. […]

The Christmas Cookie… A Tradition Worth Keeping, And Savoring

In Medieval Times, originating with the Winter Solstice Celebrations, cookies were served as a dessert. There was practicality to both the timing of the Celebration, and the focus on hearty food. The Winter Solstice Celebration was literally “the feast before the famine” of another long, bitter winter. Solstice typically marked the arrival of the first frost, which permitted […]

Thanksgiving: A Closer Look (Part Two of Two)

Turkey Pardon President John F. Kennedy was the first one on record to pardon a turkey – sparing its life. In 1963, he sent back a turkey mailed by the National Turkey Federation, saying, “We’ll just let this one grow.” President Richard Nixon sent turkeys to a Washington, D.C., petting farm but didn’t officially pardon them, according […]

Thanksgiving: A Closer Look (Part One of Two)

  Thanksgiving Day is almost here! Thanksgiving is filled with so many long standing traditions, we thought it might be fun to examine some of the more universal ones, and explore where the more iconic traditions come from. Although our traditions have evolved, most are deeply rooted in American History. Read on and this year you can be the […]