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Top 10 Around the World Easter Traditions

Our Easter Traditions sound perfectly normal…to us anyway! We thought it would be fun (and educational of course) to explore Easter Traditions in other countries. Almost as interesting as the traditions themselves are the origins of the traditions, some dating back for centuries. Let’s start with us. America – Rolling and Hiding Children all over […]

Mother’s Day Menu

It’s HER day, make it special and make it memorable, make it with us. RESERVATIONS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 770.410.9883 Our Special Mother’s Day Featured Menu Crab Bisque Cup / Bowl Apple and Prosciutto Salad Bibb lettuce topped with crispy prosciutto, apple, walnuts, and red onion, finished with white balsamic dressing. Fried Oyster Appetizer Cracker encrusted, […]

Our Classic Chocolate Mousse Is Sublime.

Not all Mousse is created equal. Quick or common versions are typically created by folding fresh whipped cream into melted chocolate. These versions have their place in our bakery and in a wide variety of desserts everywhere. Enjoy a dessert with this mousse preparation and you you’ll agree, it’s delicious. But we enjoy creating our authentic Classic Mousse […]

Easter Weekend at Alpine

Join Alpine for a delicious Easter meal.  We will be serving a special Chef’s menu along with our everyday dinner menu. Reservations are highly recommended.  770-410-9883 Easter Weekend Menu April 3-5, 2015 Ginger & Carrot Soup garnished with fresh parsley Spinach & Mushroom Salad tossed with red onion, hard boiled egg, and bacon dressed with warm pancetta […]

SALUMI – Italian Cured Meats: A Guide

The preparation and serving of salumi (cured meats) is a staple in Italian cuisine. Born out of necessity, the tradition of salting, smoking and air drying has been alive in Italy for over two thousand years. It began as a practical way to preserve meat to be consumed at a later date. Today, the tradition of curing meat […]

Alpine is Celebrating Alpharetta Restaurant Week

Join Alpine for this week-long celebration of Alpharetta’s restaurant scene taking place February 21-28.  We will be offering a $25 prix fixe dinner menu as follows: $25 Dinner Menu Course 1 (Appetizer) Calamari or Mozzarella Sticks or Rice Balls with Italian Sausage Course 2 (Entrée) Parmigiana with angelhair pasta (Chicken or Eggplant) or Housemade Lasagna or […]

Love is in the Air

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. People (typically couples) exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their romantic special someone or “valentine.” How did the tradition begin? Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr, St. Valentine and dates back to the 5th century. However, it also has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia- a raucous, […]

Cheescake: A “Rich” History.

The sweet, creamy, cool cake with a crushed cookie like crust that is Cheesecake is a legendary dessert staple for a reason. Today, Cheesecake is synonymous with New York, but it turns out it’s been around much longer than the beloved New York or American version…4,000 years longer to be precise. The first “cheese cake” is believed to […]