We’d Love to Serve You

Times have changed and with it Alpine Bakery & Trattoria. We apologize for not being able to serving you in our dining room but guarantee the food you take home is made with the same love and dedication we did pre-Covid 19. 

Our savory menu have been reduced to items that can make the trip home without loosing quality, can be reheated successfully and make a whole satisfying meal anytime of the day. 

Pizza, Calzone, Stromboli and fresh salads are the core of our new menu. Our New York-style pies are made with high quality ingredients. San Marzano Tomatoes, Grande Mozzarella, Fresh Yeast, Italian Olive Oil and our perfect blend of spices that create a mouthwatering flavor. Our salads are made with the freshest produce and dressed with homemade/signature vinaigrettes.

Our Bakery Menu has not changed at all and have the same extensive offerings you love.

Our new hours of operation are 7 days a week 12pm – 9 pm. 

The changes we have made are based on the goal of continue serving you quality.  Thanks for your support and loyalty.


(We have left our Trattoria video as part of our history for you to enjoy even though we are a TAKE OUT and DELIVERY place only since our reopening on June 02/2020.)